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Making fashion? Plan, plan, plan!

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Designer tips:

The more planning, the better for your range.

Picture this: you've spent yonks working on your designer dress range. You ordered your sample fabrics and off you went.

You tried complimentary colors from the color wheel. You tried shaded patterns from the color wheel. Heck - you even tried clashing colors from the color wheel!

Sure, it started as a hobby at first. But after lunches galore with your best friend, and positive feedback from shops, you are thinking business.

You have put hours and hours into this. You don't even feel the time going. You have to make an effort to put the designing down.

Your ready for production! You contact the fabric provider. The response: "I'm sorry, that fabric is only available in sample, not production yardage". Damn!

So plan ahead. Make absolutely certain you can buy enough production fabric.

A good tip here is to work backwards. Look at the supplier, and see what they have in bulk. Then, get the sample yardage. Explain to them that you may be going into production later, and you will need the fabric in stock.

The right planning can be a massive help in launching your range!

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