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Could the world of the graphic designer and fabric users have something in common?

In a word - yes!

At first glance, the world of the graphic designer, web designer and fabric designer (for whatever purpose) seem to be poles apart.

But we all have one thing in common. We all use color.

It's an inredible to look up close at the Mona Lisa and see the way Vincent perfectly mixed green and orange in this painting. He had no computer to help him but he sure knew his color wheel!

Web designers and graphic designers are all the time trying to make their colors match in a nice way. Personally, I love complimentary color schemes! At first glance I think - that will never work. Then I trust the color wheel and *boom* it works!

Now Adobe could be considered the leaders in graphic design, with their flagship products, Photoshop.

They also have a free online color picker using all the various color schemes from complimentary to monochromatic. And here's the link to Happy picking!

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