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Get your sneakers smelling like roses!

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10 easy tricks

In a word - yes, this can be done, without having to resort to the washing machine.

  • Stockings: Cut off a decent part of a stocking so that one end is closed. Fill the stocking with something that smells nice, like pot-pourri (note the pouuri :D). You can also use scented cat litter. Leave the sneakers overnight. If your mother asks at dinner what happened to her stockings, tell her there must of been a burglary of some sort.
  • Teabags/Lemons: Fill the sneakers with around five or six tea bags and leave overnight. The interesting thing about this method is there are so many different types of strong smelling tea leaves, from herbal to assam. So you can get a different smell each time. Another thing you could use, would be to cut a up a lemon, place in the sneakers, and leave overnight.
  • Woodchips: use barbecue woodchips stuffed into a sock. Insert into the sneaker and again leave overnight. If any family member asks where the woodchips are, as they prepare the barbecue they've been looking forward to all week, tell them they they were also swiped and tragically, the woodchips share the same fate as your mothers stockings.
  • Baby powder: Sprinkle some baby powder on your shoes, place in a freezer bag, and then place in the freezer for a day or so.
  • WM: The last resort. Wrap em up in a pillow, load the conatiner with washing powder, hit a high temp and hope for the best!

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