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Money Saving Guide:

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Difficulty level: moderate

Every deal hunter loves to save some cash so we've put together our money saving guide, dividing the tips into moderate and extreme difficulty level.

  • Don't move! Freeeeeze! Are you sick of your lovely fresh bread turning to mold before you've had a chance to eat it all? When you go to eat your morning blueberries, are they kind of shriveled? Are you constantly replacing these items, and not enjoying throwing stuff out? It's time to explore the wonderful world of food freezing!

    Did you know you can buy frozen onions, already chopped? That bread will freeze perfectly and taste delicious, straight into the toaster? Yes! Once I began freezing, I became addicted to this world. I noticed you could buy frozen blueberries, root vegetables - even sweet potato fries, already chopped. So not only do you save cash, but you don't have to chop and peel your onions!

    Bargain technique rating: 4/5.

  • Jars: this one is more about cutting down on waste, then saving cash, though it's also a saving - and it's the principle and mindset that count. If you cook a lot, then you probably need garlic and ginger for that curry that is going to take you to a different place.

    You can get pre-chopped garlic and onion, preserved usually in vinegar. No more throwing out these unused root veg. I keep my jars in the fridge though I think you can keep them in normal storage, in fact that may even be better.

    Bargain technique rating: 3/5.

  • Does it take batteries? If it does, is there a possibility the item could be replaced with another that can simply be recharged from the mains. Again, we have our double whammy of pleasure saving on both cash and time!

    The best example for me was replacing my battery-operated bike lights with rechargeable bike lights. Oh what joy! The stress of the old lights - previously I had to cycle into the city center to pick up battery lights as my local store was a rip off. I would have to make a trip every couple of weeks so delighted with this deal.

    If you do use a lot of batteries, you could also try rechargeable batteries. I remember trying these a few years ago but I think it was early doors for the technology, progress I would say has been made.

    Bargain technique rating: 2/5.

  • KeepCups: an oldie but a goodie! The first time I heard about this I was dazed. I could not believe a major corporate coffee house would give me a cheaper coffee if I brought my own cup. But they did. But shock horror what is an avowed bargain hunter doing having overpriced Caffè lattes? I hear you. I admit it's my guilty pleasure. My excuse is I had to get somewhere relaxing to write this article.

    Can you buy that? :~

    Bargain technique rating: 4/5.

Difficulty level: hard

  • I like to move it! Okay so not everyone can do this. The tip is to sell that gas guzzler and take to the bike. Firstly, calculate the savings. How much are you spending on gas or train fares? Analyze the figure over a year. Then multiply that by ten years.

    This is a colossal saving. Plus, you get fit, so you save time, and possibly gym fees. At first, this idea might seem crazy. Then, you may also save time on your commute. With carbon frame technology you could be flying around the place. Welcome to freedom!

    Bargain technique rating: 5/5.

  • Finance: Quick question. Take a $30,000 loan repayable at 6.7% APR. If you repay over two years, the interest charge is $2,144. Now try and guess the interest you pay if you repay the loan over three years.

    Ready with your estimate?

    The closer you were to $3,209 for the interest charged, the closer you were to being correct.

    Just think. $30,000 repaid over an extra year costs over $1,200 *extra*.

    Wow. Pass the mayonnaise jar! Have you got a mortgage on a nice property? I don't think you need me to finish this narrative! The more you can extra money you can lob into that mortgage account, the bigger the saving.

    Bargain technique rating: 5/5.

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