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Are you a smoker?

Saving thousands could be easier than you think!

  • First of all, can I tell you, I used to smoke very heavily. I was on up to three, sometimes four, packs a day.

    Secondly, can I say how annoying I used to find out when people told me I should give up. Of course, I know that already! It's my life and I'll make the mistakes.

    But it got to the stage where I literally found it hard to breathe at night. I was only in my early thirties when that was happening.

    As a bargain hunter, I knew this was a savage waste of cash.

    $20 bucks a day, tots up to $7,300 a year. Over ten years that's $73,000. $40 a day will cost you $14,600 over a year. That will make a staggering $146,000 over ten years.

    But there's more. That is all after tax income. The reality is, you have to deduct income taxes before you arrive at the net figure.

    Enough math for the moment!

    The great news is many people are able to quit the habit.

    A lot of people using some form of nicotine replacement, such as gum or a patch. If it works for you, great.

    But what we found worked for us was a simple little book: Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking

    The crunch moment for Allen was at his own daughter's wedding. The service started...and he had an urge to go for a cigarette! That was the moment of realization for him.

    He embarked on his journey. He analyzed the situation and realized scientifically what was happening was, the nicotine created a chemical reaction that needed to be fed.

    He realized one critical thing. Before his mind basically told him: "it's too hard to give up cigarettes. You'll never do it." His mind was tricking him.

    He then began thinking: "in fact, it's easy to give up and stay off cigarettes!".

    So, it was a simple thought that did it. Then he suggests that you actually enjoy the process!

    Quicker than you think, the nicotine monster will not need to be fed - hence no cravings.

    This qualifies as the mother of all bargains. That simple book could save you six figures!

    We wish you all the best on your journey. Here is your link:-

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