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The Music Scene

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So who is Top of the Pops in the current Irish music scene?

Enter the new guns!

Take a bow, Hozier!

Blues lovers will adore Ireland's latest superstar, Hozier (Andrew Hozier-Byrne).

Hailing from Bray, Co. Wicklow, his story of success brings a warm glow to the heart.

To sum up, he studied music at Trinity in Dublin. After this, amongst other things, he set about writing the music he loved at his home in County Wicklow.

The breakthrough moment came with "Take me to Church", where Hozier takes aim and most defintely fires at the Church in Ireland. This does not mean he did not believe in God, he was just really angry with the Church in Ireland.

The scene from the video depicts a scene of homophobic violence. It's important to remember that there was a homophobic murder in Ireland in the 80s, when the church reign supreme.

The video, shot on a shoestring budget, went viral after being shared by Stephen Fry and being on the homepage of Reddit. When that happened, Hozier said that night he was on his computer looking at the videos and it was unbelievable. He would refresh the page and the views would be up by thousands. Refresh the page - thousands again.

Staggeringly, at the time of writing, the video is heading towards 300,000,000 views on youtube and has set Hozier on a course for the music career of his dreams.

The debut album is full of gems. "Angel of small death & The Codeine scene" is a raucous look at the use of prescription-free codeine and the actual business of that. "Jackie and Wilson" lightens the tone a little. The album is goes on with classic after classic.

The message for new musicians? Just get Stephen Fry to tweet your video!

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